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Travel to North India: 18-day travel guide

On January 8, I embarked with some coworkers on a trip that I had been wanting to do for a long time: North India. For many months, we were talking, planning and dreaming, until the day finally came. The hardest thing for me was to establish a route, because 19 days seem like many, but in India they stay in nothing.
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Trekking through the Samaria Gorge in Crete

We continue with the stories of the trip to Greece. This time we leave Santorini and Folegandros behind to travel to the center of Crete. The gorge of Samaria, a rocky canyon that goes from the heart of the island of Crete to the sea and was one of the highlights of the 15-day trip through Greece. If you like nature, you will love hiking through the gorge of Samaria.
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Chichen Itzá and Mérida Welcome to Mexico !, Mérida

The great day of the trip to Mexico arrived, that morning we would go on an excursion to Chinchen Itza star of the Mexican Mayan ruins and one of the new wonders of the world. After the visit, we move to the beautiful colonial city of Merida. Six in the morning, the mobile alarm went off. Our intention was to be at eight o'clock at the door of Chichen Itza, because it is the time when the lockers open, and thus visit the new wonder of the world with few people and little heat.
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March on Instagram

This month of March that we are about to finish has been the most moving and that is that with the arrival of good weather, I leave my winter lethargy and do not stop. Here you have the summary of what has been March through Instagram: Brunch in Brunch and cake. On a Saturday morning I met Clara and Azuki to enjoy brunch in this very trendy place in Barcelona and where it costs to find a table on weekends.
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